Ribonucleic Acid


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More Specific Terms


  • Cellular RNA consists of:
  • rRNA (80%)
  • mRNA (polyA+ RNA is 2-6% of total RNA)
  • tRNA
  • Yield of total RNA varies widely from from tissue & cells.
*    Starting material              Yield of RNA 
* 1 x 10E6 to 1 x 10 E7 ce        1-75 mg of tissue

  • Quantitation of RNA by ultraviolet absorbance:
  • E(260) is 40 mL/ug cm, thus 40 x absorbance at 260 nm gives concentration of RNA (assuming purity)
  • the ratio of A(260)/A(280) is a measure of RNA purity;
  • values of 1.7-2.1 are generally acceptable
  • Qualitative assessment of RNA by agarose gel electrophoresis:
  • inspection for 28S & 18S rRNA
  • band intensity of 28S/18S rRNA should be > 2

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Ambion RNAqueous Kit Instruction Manual

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