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  • Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that provides health care for the elderly; it differs from gerontology, study of the aging process itself. However, geriatrics is considered by some as 'medical gerontology'. The term geriatrics comes from the Greek geron meaning'old man' & iatros meaning 'healer'.

  • See elderly for disorders of the elderly.

  • The I's of geriatrics [2]
  • Why is geriatrics important?
  • One of the major problems in geriatrics is polypharmacy, part cultural, part situational, but nonetheless dangerous. The cultural part stems from advertisement, the media & other factors that convince Americans there is a medication for every ailment. Since the elderly in general have more ailments than younger adult patients, they take more medications. However, the elderly are the group of patients most at risk for drug interactions & they are at increased risk of complications from such drug interactions. What seems to be apparent is that the healthiest elderly are those on the fewest medications.

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